Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealing Flange With Mechanical Gauge And Valve For Tube Furnaces

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Product Overview

The Pair of vacuum sealing flange kits for vacuum tube furnaces is to tighten both ends of their tubes without any welding or gluing. Silicon vacuum O-shape sealing gasket included. The flanges are excellent for any types of tubes including ceramic, glass, quartz, steel, etc.

Mean Features

Made of Polished stainless steel with double high-temperature resist sealing silicon O-rings on each flange.
Seal tube by tightening screws without any welding and glue.
1/4″ in diameter vacuum sealing assembly will connect with 1/4″ rubber hose.
Vacuum barb adapter: M14 tapered
Vacuum gauge port: M14 non tapered

Warning: Refractory tube blocks must be placed in front of flanges to avoid heat damage to the silicon o-rings, at the same time, Please do not over tighten the three hex screws on the flanges to avoid overpressure incidents.

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sealing tube flange
vacuum sealing flange set

Package includes

One flange with vacuum gauge and valve
One flange with valve
Four high temperature silicon o-rings (max 300℃)
Six securing screws

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