Mesh Belt Conveyor Drying Furnace up to 500 degree C

Mesh Belt Drying furnaces are mainly used for drying on small workpieces such as metals, ceramics, usually for the complete removal of water or impurities. High alumina insulated chamber with SS 304 built mesh belt, controlled conveying speed, Max working temperature up to 500 degree C.

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Product Overview

Belt drying furnace is particularly suitable for drying for small workpieces such as metals, ceramics continuously, usually for the complete removal of water or impurities. Belt speed could be adjusted according to heat treatment processes.

Main Features
  • RT-500°C, adjustable, constant temperature, independent temperature control Intelligent temperature controller, PID automatic calculation, LED display, with SCR power silicon controlled, can accurately control the precision of temperature
  • Interior is made of high quality thermal insulation materials with good thermal insulation effect;
    SS304 made mesh belt conveyor
  • SiC heating elements, max heating temperature 500 C
  • Double over temperature protection, safe and reliable electrical control
  • Prodution output: 40kg/hour, Conveying speed is stable and adjustable
  • Two-point heating zones, heating length 2000mm
Furnace Structure

The drop-bottom solution furnace is mainly consists of Heating furnace body, Lifting mechanism, Quenching mechanism, Control system etc.

mesh belt drying furnace

Drawing Design for 500C Mesh Belt Drying Furnace


mesh belt drying furnace

Real Product for 500C Mesh Belt Drying Furnace


mesh belt drying furnace

Chamber Details for 500C Mesh Belt Drying Furnace

Technical Specifications
Model No.PHT L120/5
Chamber size (DxWxH)3000x300x200mm /120x12x8″
heating length 2000mm, Belt width 300mm, height 200mm
two heating zone
Power supply35KW
AC380V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase
Working temperatureTmax 500°C (932°F)
Temperature controllerShimaden PID controller
Auto-tune function
Programmable 32 segments
Temperature accuracy +/- 1°C
Heating rate≤25°C / min
ThermocoupleN type
Equip two pcs, dual protection
Heating elementSiC heating rods, two rows, upper and lower
Chamber liningMitsubishi Raw Material high alumina 1500# fiber board
Conveyor systemSS304 made mesh belt chain
Conveyor speed: 25-50 mm/min adjustable
Metal particals were loaded into the SS304 made saggers putting on the mesh belt
Shipping infoWeight: 1300 kgs
ComplianceCE, ISO
Warranty18 months limited warranty with lifetime support

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