High Purity 99.6% Alumina Content Ceramic Tube

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Product Overview

The alumina ceramic tube (99.6% Al2O3 material) can be used at operating temperature upto 1750C degree in both oxidizing and reducing atmospheric conditions. Tubes could be evacuated max to 10-7 Torr. It proves inert to carbon and refractory metals in many severe situations.

Picture illustration

high alumia tube
high alumia tube

Technical Specifications
 Diameter OD80
 Tube Length 800mm
 Wall thickness 5mm
 Chemical Composition Al2O3>99.6%, SiO2<0.1, Fe2O3<0.05, R2O<0.1
 Warning Please don’t use alumina tube under vacuum at temperature > 1600 oC.
Please always keep the heating or cooling rate less than 5oC/ minute.
Please handle the tube carefully. No any warranty for the tube.

NOTES: Standard sizes OD40mm, OD60, OD100mm etc are available, other size can be produced as per customer’s requirements.

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