How to Program the 518P Temperature Controller?

Operation Manual for YUDIAN 518 Temperature Controller

Yudian temperature controller
Yudian 518P Tempertature Controller

Comment symbol

Sr. Name of the button Function or additional functions

① Upper display window Displays PV, parameter code, etc

② Lower display window Displays SV, parameter value.or alarm message

③ Setup key For accessing parameter table and conforming parameter modification.

④ Data shift key Start auto tuning

⑤ Data decrease key, And also run switch

⑥ Data increase key And also stop key

⑦ 10 of LED indicators “MAN, MIO, COM,OP2, AL2, AU1” is non-applicable for this

AL_518 series

“RUN”led on, it mean AL-518P running program is going on

“OP1”shining , it means in the process of heating

“AL1” led on, it means over temperature alarm output

Note: When power on ,the upper display window of instrument shows the process value of (PV)and the lower window shows the set value (SV) . This status is called basic display status .

The lower window also can alternately display following letters : “HIAL” means the high limit alarm

“Stop” means the status is stop

Step by Step for program settingTake the following program setting as example:

STEP 1: Take 35 minutes from room temperature rise to 200°C (Heating rate: 5°C /minute)

STEP 2: Takes 120 minutes from 200°C to 1200°C (Heating rate: 8.5°C /minute)

STEP 3: Holds 10 minutes at 1200℃

STEP 4: Takes 60 minutes from 1200°C to 1500°C (Heating rate: 5°C /minute)

STEP 5: Takes 30 minutes from 1500℃ to 1600℃ (Heating rate 3°C /minute)

STEP 6: Hold 20 minutes at 1600℃

STEP 7: The furnace stop working automatically after the holding temperature for 20 minutes

Remark: Rising time and target temperature request can be set according to the customer request. Because of the special features of Mosi2 heating element in high temperature for long serving life of the furnace , we suggest as following heating rate:

Room temperature  —200°C Heating Rate : 5-6°C / minute

200°C —1200°C Heating Rate : 7-10°C / minute

1200°C —1500°C Heating Rate : 5-6°C/ minute

1500°C — 1600°C Heating Rate : 2-4°C/ minute

Furnace Briefly Operating Instructions

Turn on the general power supply,and shut off the airswitch

Turn on the power switch button on the control panel ,and light the intelligent temperature controller instrument

The temperature controller display the local room temperature. PV shows the actual temperature value ,SV shows the setting temperaturevalue

Inputting the temperature program:Heating curve set according to the different samples sintering process

Temperature controller operating specific diagram as below

Parameter setting data on the display panel :

Step Display Statues SV values setting Content

1 C_01 200℃ First target set temperature (°C)

T_01 35 First running time (minutes)

2 C_02 1200℃ Second target set temperature (°C)

T_02 120 Second running time (minutes)

3 C_03 1200℃ Third target set temperature (°C)

T_03 10 Third running time (minutes)

4 C_04 1500℃ Fourth target set temperature (°C)

T_04 60 Fourth running time (minutes)

5 C_05 1600℃ Fifth target set temperature (°C)

T_05 30 Fifth running time (minutes)

6 C_06 1600℃ Sixth target set temperature (°C)

T_06 20 Sixth running time (minutes)

7 C_07 room temperature Program stop and return to first paragraph then for natural cooling .

T_07 -121

After finishing the above programs, we need to back to the initial interface by clicking thebutton at the same time,or can simply wait 15 seconds it auto goes back to the initial interface

the above set value.

It will automatically stop working when the program had beenfinished.

Note: If the operator needs to stop the program running,he /she can press the STOP key on the instrument for 3 seconds and the SV shows the “Stop” mark . The rising temperature control will stop running. Shut off the general power supply and finished the work( The operator must turn off the general power supply after finishing using of the furnace)

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