How To Choose A Muffle Furnace?

It is an often topic on how to choose a muffle furnace. Firstly, muffle furnace is also known as electric furnace, resistance furnace. The muffle furnace is a general heating equipment, generally including chamber furnaces, tube furnaces and crucible furnaces according to its appearance and shape. When the muffle furnace is used for the first time or is used again after a long period of inactivity, it must be baked. The muffle furnace is mainly for thermal processing, industrial workpiece processing, cement and building materials industries, for thermal processing or treatment of small workpieces as well as for the inspection of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, the pretreatment of medical samples, etc., and programtherm muffle furnaces are suitable for coal quality analysis, such as measuring moisture, ash, volatile content, ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis, element analysis, etc.

Important points on how to choose a muffle furnace

Choose muffle furnace type:

Knowing of heating process: As the above mentioned, muffle furnace has multiple uses, firstly determine the application.

Compact vs Extra Large: Compared to standard muffle furnaces, compact models are ideal for small-sized sample processing; while extra large models allow processing of large or heavy samples.

Atmospheric condition: Gas outlet (venting) port for removing contaminants / moisture and extend the lifespan of the heating elements and furnace. Gas inlet port enables heat processing in oxygen or inert gas atmosphere. If need vacuum-pumping, then how much vacuum level needed.

Choose muffle furnace actual working temperature

Please note there are maximum temperature (can be maintained < 2 hr) and continuous working temperature, the maximum working temperature depends on the heating element used, and can be divided into three categories:

a. 300 ~ 1250 °C Alloy wire heating element N or K type thermocouple

b. 1200 ~ 1400 °C SiC heating element S type thermocouple

c. 1400 ~ 1750 °C MoSi2 heating element B type thermocouple

In addition, price differs much between the above listed three catagories, please choose actual working temperature for your experiment.

Choose needed muffle furnace chamber size

Chamber sizes (namely width, height and deepth of the inside chamber). Constant temperature zones are always smaller than the chamber size. Please choose a furnace with a constant temperature zone larger than your sample for uniform heating. In addition, compared to standard muffle furnaces, furnaces with 5 heated sides (bottom, left, right, front, back) provide uniform heating over a larger zone / volume

Choose muffle furnace quality

We, Programtherm, design and manufacture and control quality muffle furnaces in a very strick procedures, CE compliance. Most of Programtherm’s furnaces are ready to pass the UL / CSA certification at extra cost

Choose aftersales service

Timely after-sales corresponding speed and mature after-sales service system. Programtherm team response time within 6 hours, support products 12 months warranty. Lifetime maintenance and technical supports.

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