ATEX Vertical Tube Furnace with Pressurized Enclosure (ATEX Zone 2 IIC T1)

Recently, one of the highly customized vertical tube furnace was finished, and delivered after tested well in our factory, this kind of tube furnace is mainly consists of three parts namely: Pressurized Enclosure, Heater and Reactor, which specially customized for heat treatment on a tail gas (mixed multiple gases) with low calorific value. (specially certified by ATEX Zone 2 IIC T1)

The tube furnace outer shell was built with Q235 carbon steel, strong and durable; and its surface is pickled and phosphated, blasted and sprayed with high-voltage electrostatic environmental spray on the inside and outside to resist corrosion.

Pressurized Enclosure, vertical standing, front door opening; which is composed of cabinet, control system, alarm system and gas distribution system; all electrical connections and debugging inside the system have been completed at the factory. The air inlet method of this Enclosure is ventilation (compensation) type, that is, uninterrupted continuous air supply. For the heater inside, the heat generated can be taken away with the air path, which has a good heat dissipation effect.

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